A house located at the peak of a hill at San Luis Potosí, México; one of the higher points with broad views of the city. The site, located at a private development with a very traditional regulation, is surrounded by classical and typical mexican houses. Therefore, the main goal of the project was to reinterpret the traditional mexican house concept using the elements that better represent our culture, through a contemporary point of view, taking advantage of the powerfull condtions of the site. The challenge of adapt the house to the slope of the hill, avoiding the excesive digging of a hard rocky soil, was taken toguether with the premise of use the spectacular views of the place. The Project locates, the service áreas in the ground floor, garage, and storages, as the basement of the house. Following the slope of the ground, the social program of the house is located in the first floor, behind a natural garden above the roof of the garaje. The dinning and living área is a large single área next to the fire, placed betwueen the wide open view of the city on the front, the garden and a water mirror and a traditional mexican yard in the back, wich brings freshness to the house at the desertic weather of San Luis Potosí. The next level has the private program of the house: a study/TV room an the bedrooms. Every liveable space of the house is directed to the front city views. The roof, which the regulation ask to be sloped and covered with red clay tile, was inverted, folded down to collect the rain water and use it on the garden.


The house, with 800 square meters of construction, was built with the traditional local materials and processes, red brick walls, concrete slabs and structure and stucco as covering. There were privileged the use of natural materials, marbles, glass, steel, different types of woods and rocks. In the same way, only local manpower was used in every phase of the construction.