COPARMEX building project has a prime location with various elements to strenghten, as its broad views of the city, and their location in one of the key points of urban development in our city. These factors define the importance that will have the dialogue of the building with the city as the project is in an excellent position to see and be seen.

The project uproots on a rotated base, detonating several key aspects for our proposal, as the generation of plazas and courtyards on the ground floor, which fuctions as support and extension to commercial areas and the auditorium located on this level, in addition to face the building and especially the large terrace on the ninth floor property COPARMEX, to Tangamanga park and the city.

The building consists of a glass body made up of free plants without intermediate supports, intended for offices and a second curved body embracing it, protecting it from insolation from the west and contains general services, circulation, elevators and stairs. To separate the services from the offices, allows to take full advantage of its own functions and offers great freedom in setting interior spaces according to the needs and desires of users. The volume of services serves as a natural sunscreen, and allows the building to take the most of natural light during the day, reducing significantly the use of electricity for lighting and heating. This body distributes the user from the lobby to all parts of the building and is connected at strategic points with the volume of office through a system of bridges.

The building consists of eleven office levels, the first two occupied by a shop that supports the building and serves the general public as well as an auditorium for 100 people surrounded by courtyards and communicated directly with a large partially covered terrace for outdoor events.